70″ Touchscreen Monitor Rentals


Rent a Sharp PN-L702B 70″ inch HD LED Touchscreen Monitor with Built-In Whiteboard Capability. Product Weight: 154 lbs,
Dimensions: 64.88”W x 38.69″H x 4.63”D


70″ Touch-screen Monitor Rental

Rent the Sharp PN-L702B 70″ HD LED Touchscreen Monitor with Built-In Whiteboard Capability. This display combines powerful communication and collaborative ease with touch-screen convenience. Use it as a digital whiteboard, a data display for presentations or command-and-control, or a remote collaboration tool for conducting webinars and video conferences. The display’s spectacular 70″ class screen and Sharp’s UV2A photo alignment technology help create brilliant color images, while its full-array LED backlight positions energy-efficient white LEDs evenly across the entire panel for uniform brightness, enhanced reliability and greater legibility of text. The intuitive Sharp Pen Software™ Application provides a new dimension in interactive control. The included touch pen or a finger tip or two will open and close documents, enlarge, rotate, or shrink images, even make hard copy printouts. This software is compatible with Windows® 7, so Microsoft® Office® documents, including PowerPoint®, can be imported for presentations. A user-friendly tool bar provides a variety of drawing options, and a built-in library of backgrounds includes a calendar, to-do list, meeting log, graph paper and action plan, so that forms or data templates for whiteboard presentations need not be created by hand.Finally, the big, bright PN-702B is ideal for signage for wayfinding and other interactive applications in trade show exhibit halls, hotel lobbies and conference areas, airport corridors and retail locations.


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Weight 69.85 kg
Dimensions 4.63 × 64.88 × 38.69 cm