LED Video Wall Rental – 7mm


Barco DLite 7 LED Video Wall Rental – 7mm (Indoor / Outdoor).

Product Weight: 30.8 lbs excluding structure
Dimensions: 17.6″W x 17.6″H x 7.7″D


LED Video Wall Rental – Barco DLite 7 (Indoor / Outdoor)

With its ultra-high light output, this outdoor LED display offers unequalled brightness and contrast levels, making it ideal for use in very bright outdoor locations, even in direct sunlight and extreme viewing angles. Barco’s unique, proprietary Dual Pixel Technology offers a greatly enhanced perceived resolution by visually doubling the physical resolution, offering you ‘more resolution for your money’.

The display incorporates Barco’s Proprietary LED System Color Signature, True Color ReproductionTM and True Motion Reproduction technology, which ensure accurate color uniformity and smoother, flicker-free video. Whether it is used as a video board or for data content and messaging the DLite display offers the perfect picture over the lifetime of the display.

The DLite’s modular design offers optimal flexibility in the shape and design of the display and seamless scalability. The rugged, dust- and water-proof modules are certified IP65, making them resistant to harsh external elements, and thus ideal for use in all outdoor conditions. For fixed installations, the modules are placed in a rugged structure that is tailored to each specific installation and that easily integrates into any environment. State-of-the-art mechanical design allows ease of servicing, while built-in intelligence enables auto configuration and hot-swapping of modules without interrupting the performance of the display.