3D Glasses Kit Rental (X101 XpanD)


3D Glasses Kit rentals in Orlando Florida.


Because 3D requires as much light as possible, these glasses feature fast shutter technology for a bright image and an efficiency rating of over 15%. They are optimized to work with both 0.98″ and 1.2″ DLP Cinema chips.While standard white screens can be used for both 2D and 3D (thus eliminating unwanted hot spots created by 2D presentations on silver screens), a silver screen – with its focused light reflected back to the audience at a narrower viewing angle – is recommended for delivering a uniform 3D experience to EVERY seat in the auditorium.

Crosstalk is eliminated by use of an encrypted IR signal. “IR black holes” in the theater are prevented by the use of an optimal diode layout, ensuring that 100% of the viewers will have an excellent 3D experience regardless of their seat position.

These rugged glasses are designed with flex points to extend their lifetime, and have withstood laboratory testing equivalent to use in over 2000 shows, giving them an unbeatable cost per show.

To reduce theater operational interface and to extend battery life, X101 glasses turn “ON” and “OFF” automatically. Their emitters use environmentally-friendly diodes, in keeping with XpanD’s continued commitment to “green” technologies.